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  1. I wonder how versed some Goodwill managers are. So far, at New Port Richey, Goowill on Rt 54, I have asked 3 different managers if they know anything about the bicycles condition. You cant try most because the tires are flat.
    Each have told me that they just accept the donations and have no 8dea of the condition.

    I bought a Righleigh bicycle at Goowill in Lakeland Fl about 8 years ago. They did let me ride it first. It was a wonderful bicycle.
    I believe I payed $40 for it.
    I wound up parting with it just because it was hard to store in the condo where I lived at the time.
    Many people who know bicycles told me I had a good one.

    Now, when I see bicycles at the
    New Port Richey Fl Goodwill, thevtores are flat and I’m told I cant try them even ifbi bring a pump.
    I had my eye on ine in particular. I was waiting for 50% off day, as they asked $85 and I could not test ride.
    Funny, after searching it online, it was a $250 bicycle but for women.
    I’m a guy.

    The search and GAMBLE goes on.
    I hope that all Goodwills do as your ad says, repair them first.
    3 if these managers told me they just take them as they come with no history. Sure hope they’re wrong.

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